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Our Flirt 4 Free Review

Welcome to the most complete and full of features adult cam site around. We’re not even sure what to say about Flirt4free, it really took us by surprise.

Start with the usual!

Good point, let’s do that. According to its Wikipedia page, the site has been around since 1996, which makes it one of the first adult video chat sites still online today.

They also seem to be leading the way when it comes to new technology and incorporating them into their existing platform. One way they do that is by teaming up with Kiiroo, a company that builds teledildonics devices initially meant for couples who are far apart from each other.

How do they work with an adult webcam site? Just use your imagination, I’m sure you guys can figure it out.

First things first, how can you have fun?

You don’t have many choices if you’re browsing the site as a guest. You can watch the free live feeds, checkout the categories and the online models, but that’s about it. Most models have the chat function blocked for guests, so you can’t even introduce yourself unless you sign up.

Flirt4Free Red Scarlette Party

You might get lucky if you spot a cam girl doing a Party show, but we’ll talk about what that means later on, be patient.

So you can’t really flirt 4 free?

Yes, you can, because things change once you decide to join the site. Chat is no longer blocked, so you’re free to talk with the models that are not engaged in a private show.

Best thing about this is that registration is free and you can go two separate ways here.

Once you sign up and confirm your email address you are presented with an offer, 120 Free credits plus some additional separate credits packages.

If you want your 120 free credits, you’ll have to enter your credit card details, but don’t worry, you will not be charged anything, we promise.

Flirt4Free 120 Free Credits

Your alternative is to continue using the chat as a free user, but we don’t recommend it, since you’re not going to be able to really enjoy the site.

OK, got my free credits, now what?

Great so did we. It’s a very good start if you want to genuinely give the site a try, without actually paying for the service they provide.

Since you’re now logged in you can have a look at all the site’s feature and this is where it excels in our opinion. We haven’t seen any website that offers the user so many choices to have fun.

There’s no point in going through all of them now, since it would take this reviewer an eternity to write them all down (OK, I exaggerated), but we are going to mention the most important ones.

First of all, there’s the Live Cams menu, which is formed of a submenu made up of Calendar (similar to the guiltychat one), a separate Fetish Category, an Interactive section (this is where Kiiroo comes into play), New Models, Categories and Fleshlight Cam Stars.

Next to the Live Cams menu, there’s a Video link that allows you to watch recorded cam shows on a pay per minute basis. It’s not something we’d be interested in, but we can see it as being useful for a lo t of you guys out there.

The site allows you to sort and filter the models from a drop down menu located just above the first row of online models.

HINT: We highly recommend to sort the models by price, especially if you only got the free 120 credits. This will allow you to display models that have a price per minute which fits your budget. So if you wanted a 10 minutes show and you only had 100 credits left, you could select only those models that have a 10 credits per minute chat rate. Pretty useful, right?

One other feature we think that needs mentioning is the Flirt Phone. This is not available for every chat host, but we found it enabled for most of the ones we checked out. It’s a bit of a separate feature from the rest of them, you need to load credits from your account into your Flirt Phone account and use those to call the models.

When you make the transfer, be patient, the system needs about 45 seconds to update your account and properly display the credits.

Flirt4Free Multi User

There are a few ways you can interact with the models, but we’ll only mention four of them here:

Lots of features, what about the models?

This is where the site stays behind of the competition, in our opinion. There were only about 150 models online at the time of our visit, a lot less than Livejasmin and far less than Chaturbate.

Girls were pretty hot we think, but overall Livejasmin has the upper hand here as well, mostly because the choice is so much wider.

The only other site we can think of right now that has a comparable number of online models is

Video Quality – Are there HD cams?

A few, about 50 out of 150 chat hosts had HD cams. Most of the other ones had a decent cam quality with very few having a barely watchable live feed.

How much does the free flirt cost?

Flirt 4 Free uses a credit system, credits that you buy using real money.

On average, 1 credit costs about 10 cents, but credits get cheaper as you buy bigger packages.

You can also opt it for one of the VIP packages, which is a monthly recurring payment. When you become a Flirt4Free VIP, you get some extra features like access to performers emails, muting free users, access to VIP forums plus some additional free content.

Flirt4Free Credit Packs

As for the credits packages, they are not consistent, they vary depending where you are on the site. The cheapest one was 50 credits, which costs $5 USD, while the most expensive one would be the 5500 credits package that costs $500 USD.

How can I pay?

For actual payment they use 3 billing processors: VS3, which seems to be an in house payment system, Epoch and Segpay.

Epoch allows for additional payment methods, depending on your location, but on Flirt4free you can only access Epoch if payment through vs3 fails. We didn’t like that at all, especially since we couldn’t find a way to manually select Epoch or Segpay as the alternative.

Lay it out, tell me conclusion.

It’s an amazing little cam site, it really is. It’s fast, secure and has more features than most of the top cam sites combined.

We especially liked the Flirt Phone and Sort by price features, but it can use a lot more online models and an easy way to switch payment methods. 

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