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Our Chaturbate Review

What’s with the name?

To be honest, we found it odd too the first time we heard about it, but that was years ago and Chaturbate is not the only site whose name references masturbation, right?

Anyway, since then, Chaturbate has become a huge brand, they even got Too Short to record a theme song for the site, that’s something…we think.

Not only that, but according to Alexa, it’s the the 2nd most visited adult cam site in the world, behind only to LiveJasmin.

More about the site, please!

Technically, the site loads really fast and one of the things that we really liked was that the connection is encrypted using the SSL protocol. I know it might not seem like much, but not many adult sites offer this at the time of this review.

Chaturbate Model Page

While the main page has what you might call a standard layout for an adult cam site, things change when you visit any of the chat rooms. All models may customize their own pages to some degree, which might make it look strange and out of place. Don’t worry though, the site is fine, what you’ll be seeing is just the performers’ creativity reflected through their respective personal page.

How do you get around the site?

It’s not that obvious, we know. There aren’t many categories to choose from, just four of them (Female, Male, Couple, Transsexual) plus another section called Spy Shows.

While the categories are self explanatory, Spy Shows just lists the performers that are doing a private show at that moment. You can spy on any of the shows if you’re willing to pay on a per minute basis.

Chaturbate Tags

The best way to filter down on your model preferences is to use the Tags section inside the main menu.  Tags lets you filter all the models assigned to your selected tag, but a model can have more than one tag. Just like, you cannot filter on multiple tags, so if you wanted to list all the brunette girls doing anal shows, you’d have a hard time doing it.

You can, however, filter on both categories and tags, so you could list all girls doing anal shows if you wanted to.

Girls please, Girls!

I know, enough with the small talk. There were about 900 online female performers, around 1000 male performers and about 120 couples. That’s more than 2000 online performers, most we’ve seen on any cam site so far.

In terms of looks, it’s a bit hard to say, looks are very subjective. It’s safe to say thought that there are girls and men from all over the world, all races and all ages you could imagine.

Most visitors hang out with the couples or the female performers because that’s where the most action is.

It’s just insane what most couples and girls do on Chaturbate, there’s just no limit to what they’ll likely do for the right tip.

There’s no point to go any further into this, it’s something you just need to see for yourself.

HINT: People seem to be enjoying ohmibod a lot, a remotely controlled sex toy that vibrates to the sound of tokens.

Is Chaturbate really free? How does it actually work?

It’s mostly free. The most popular way that models and members alike prefer to use Chaturbate is by setting goals. A model can set one or multiple goals during the same show, they work pretty much like a tier. Once they reach the first goal, they do that, then users tip to help her reach the next one.

Yes, you should tip if you want to see the model reach the goal faster, but you don’t have to. You can just wait until enough users tip and the goal is reached. Then you can just enjoy watching the model doing her live show for free.

One exception to that, is the Crazy Ticket, which is actually a group show. Users have to tip if they want to see show. Once enough people have paid the required ticket price, the show turns into a hidden one, so only the users that tipped get to watch the show.

You can also choose to do a private show, but it’s not really what Chaturbate is about. Most models ask you to spend a predetermined time with them in private, it’s the only way they allow it and it can turn out pretty expensive. It’s not something we recommend unless you want some private time with one particular model.

You mentioned tips, how much do I need to tip?

Chaturbate Payment Options

You tip in tokens that you buy using the upper right menu. There are several token packages you can buy, including a monthly $19.95 USD one that gives you 200 tokens each month. Monthly subscribers are allowed to PM models and to have the ads removed from the site while they are logged in. There is no fixed price for a token, the more you buy the more tokens you get, but on average you pay from $0.07 to 0.11 per token.

How do I pay?

There are lots of ways to do that including Credit Cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer. They used to support bitcoin payments as well, but they seem to have dropped that for some reason.

I’m already there!

Good, you should be. is a great place to spend your time and make new naughty friends.

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